Alessandra Casella

  Department of Economics


Associate Director

   Mark Dean

  Department of Economics



C.E.L.S.S Staff

Lab Manager

  Han Huynh
  Department of Economics


Programming Consultants

  Hollis Lehv
  Department of Economics and Computer Science


  Peranut Nimitsurachat
  Department of Economics


System Administrator

  Eric Vlach



C.E.L.S.S Board

Donald Green, Department of Political Science
Robert Jervis, School of International and Public Affairs
Navin Kartik, Department of Economics
Stephen Meier, Business School
Matthew Connelly, School of International and Public Affairs
Thomas Diprete, Sociology

Affiliated Faculty

Michael Woodford, Department of Economics
Bentley MacLeod, Department of Economics
Francois Gerard, Department of Economics
Homa Zarghamee, Barnard College
Sharon Harrison, Barnard College
Jacopo Perego, Business School
Jacqueline Gottlieb, Department of Neuroscience
David Stark, Department of Sociology

Current Students

Manuel Puente
Jeremy Ward
Evan Friedman
Han Huynh
Giovanna Invernizzi
Silvio Ravaioli
Guy Aridor




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