Published Papers

Baron, David, Renee Bowen, and Salvatore Nunnari. 2017. Durable Coalitions and Communication: Public versus Private Negotiations. Journal of Public Economics,
156: 1-13.

Battaglini, Marco, Salvatore Nunnari, and Thomas R. Palfrey. 2016.  The Dynamic Free Rider Problem: A Laboratory Study. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 8: 268-308.

Casella, Alessandra, Jean-Francois Laslier and Antonin Mace. 2017. Democracy for Polarized Committees: The Tale of Blotto’s Lieutenants. Games and Economic Behavior, 106, 239-259.

Casella, Alessandra, Navin Kartik, Luis Sanchez and Sebastien Turban. 2018. Communication in context: Interpreting promises in an experiment on competition and trust. PNAS, 115 (5), 933-938.

Herrera, Helios, Ernesto Reuben and Michael Ting. 2017. Turf Wars. Journal of Public Economics, 152: 143-53.


Working Papers

Alessandra Casella and Thomas Palfrey. Trading Votes for Votes: An Experimental Study

Mark Dean and Nate Neligh. Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention

Ambuj Dewan and Nate Neligh. Estimating Information Cost Functions in Models of Rational Inattention

John Ifcher, Anna Solow-Collins and Homa Zarghamee. The Effect of Monetary Cues on Risk Aversion in a Ransom-Assignment Experiment.

Nate Neligh. An Experiment on Network Growth

Manuel Puente, A Comment on “Identifying Higher-order Rationality” (Kneeland, ECMA 2015).


Work in Progress

Marina Agranov, Mark Dean, Evan Friedman, Han Huynh and Pietro Ortoleva. Identifying Incomplete Preferences.

Alessandra Casella and Massimo Morelli, Mediation in the Lab

Alessandra Casella and Luis Sanchez, Storable Votes and Quadratic Voting. An Experiment on Four California Initiatives.

Evan Friedman and Jeremy Ward. Beliefs

Giovanna Invernizzi. How does Salient Public Information Affect Majority Decision? An Experimental Test.

Mel Win Khaw, Luminita Stevens and Michael Woodford. Strategic Complementarity in a Dynamic Setting.

Jeremy Ward. Pivotality and strategic behavior.


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