Start Up Center: Data Ethics

From a working group in 2016-17, emerged a new initiative focusing on "Data, Ethics and Decision Making" which was under the new ISERP grant-making program, “start-up centers.” Josh Whitford from Sociology, Manan Ahmed from History, and Bruce Kogut from the Business School led the initiative. In AY 2017-18, Data Ethics focused on several activities— bringing a set of speakers to campus who have thought through the ethical concerns related to massive data collections and deployments; initiate modules for a curriculum built around ethical concerns for computational social sciences; and a mini-conference on the intersection of data, truth, and journalism. As a result of this start-up, a concentrated effort to study bias in student evaluation is underway; “Data for Good” is a regular speaker series with the DSI and additional new classes and course modules for instruction are being planned.



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