Frequently Asked Questions - Grants

(Please refer to the screenshot below that correspond to the following list numbers)

  1. Total Direct Expense > Budget Balance: This value reflects your balance after Encumbrances, so it includes all PO's and commitments and more accurately reflects the actual budget left to spend on the award. Please refer to this column to your SPFRs to see what each balance award is.
  2. Please refer to any category where the "encumbrance" column is populated. This reflects a commitment (usually a Purchase Order or salary) for that category
  3. Total Direct Expense > Balance Before Commitment: This value reflects your balance before any Encumbrances such as Purchase Orders
  4. Current F&A Base and Rate: The percentage of Indirect Cost Funds taken out of the Total DIrect Cost
  5. Total Expense > Budget Balance Available: Any transactions that occurred in the given month being reported on will be reflected in this column. If there is any spending that occurred on your grant in the given month, a PDF of the detailed spending by category will be attached for your review.

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