Hire Student Employees

Every student who works at Columbia must have an active appointment in order to be paid.

Undergraduate Students: Full-time undergraduate students with a valid work authorization can be hired as Casual Students to work on research and/or administrative tasks.

Graduate Students: Full-time graduate students with a valid work authorization can be hired as Department Research Assistants to work on research projects, or as Casual Students to exclusively work on administrative duties.

To initiate a student hire, please complete the Hire Request Form for PI’s as much in advance as possible. ISERP will then reach out to the individual student to determine the appointment classification and request their hire documents. Your student may not start working - and will not be paid - before all hiring paperwork is completed and processed.

Supervising a Student Worker:

Your mentorship provides students with real-world work experience and expert guidance that will have a significant impact on their future careers. As the supervisor, you will be responsible to provide meaningful tasks and sufficient guidance to your group members, so they can successfully complete their assigned project. You will also approve their timesheets (casual students only) and track their leaves. Any paid sick time will be charged to the same funding source as the student's payroll.

If a student is not providing the number of hours they committed to a project, ISERP-hiring@columbia.edu should be notified as soon as possible.

You can find more details on Student Appointments on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences website.


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