ISERP Workstations

ISERP workstations are located in suite 270 IAB extension and labeled with appropriate signage (A-G), directions can be found here. These stations are for single use only and to be shared among graduate students from the social sciences. Availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis from Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. We strongly encourage to make a reservation 24 hours in advance but a student can reserve at any time depending on the availability.  Should you have any questions please contact

Please read the ISERP Workstation Guidelines before you reserve. 

Instruction for workstation reservation:

Log into YArooms scheduling system at You will use your email address when login with Google.  

Step 1 - Select ISERP from the drop-down arrow.

Step 2 - Choose the date and time you would like to reserve a workstation.

Step 3 - Select the workstation you would like to reserve based on availability. 

Step 4 - Click on the (+) sign and input your information.  

Step 5 - Once your information has been added, click "Book". An email confirmation will be sent to you and ISERP. 






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