Wealth and Inequality Seminar Series

The interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Wealth and Inequality takes as its mission the investigation of income and wealth, along with exploring the dimensions of societal inequality in these household resources. Topics encompass issues of poverty, labor market behavior, public transfer programs and tax policy, in that each has a clear relevance to economic inequality, family resources, and to living standards.


Center for Wealth and Inequality (CWI) Seminar Series

Department of Sociology

Knox Hall Rm 509 | 2:00 p.m. 

Spring 2017 Schedule

Thursday, February 2

  • Herman van de Werfhorst, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam              

  • Title: The Gender Revolution in Context: How Later Tracking in Education Benefits Girls

Thursday, February 16

  •  Katrin Auspurg, Department of Sociology, University of Munich

  • Title: It Is Not Only The Money That Counts? Experimental Evidence on Gender-specific Job Preferences

Thursday, March 2

  • Mitch Duneier, Department of Sociology, Princeton University                   

  • Title: Ghetto: Invention of a Place, History of an Idea

Thursday, March 9

  • Greg Duncan, School of Education, University of California, Irvine
  • Title: Trends in US Intergenerational Mobility

Thursday, March 23

  • Ceclia Ridgeway, Sociology Department, Stanford University                                                      
  • Title:Understanding the Nature of Status Inequality: Why is it Everywhere? Why Does it Matter?

Thursday, April 20

  • Ann Owens, Department of Sociology, University of Southern California, Dornsife
  • Title: The Consequences of Income Segregation between School Districts for Economic and Racial Achievement Gaps





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