Travel Reimbursement Submission Timeline

Via Concur, Employees must request reimbursement within 120 days from the trip end date or the date a business expense were incurred.

Failure to submit within the 120 days will require the Payee to;

  • Provide detailed justification
  • Financial Approver Acknowledgement

Important Note with regards to late Submission

  • Late submissions of over 120 days will incur taxes as the income is considered taxable.
  • Expense of over 365 days from date of expenses are not allowed in Concur and therefore cannot be reimbursed.
  • Too busy to submit on time is not an acceptable justification
  • Non Administrative support to prepare the expense report is not acceptable justification
  • Lack of policy knowledge is not an acceptable justification

Acceptable Late Submission Requests

  • Prolonged Travel with no mechanism to submit reimbursement such as no internet access. 
  • Medical Issues interfering with Payee's ability to submit 

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