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Preferred Food Vendor List

ISERP has preferred food vendor lists, and require a credit form to be filled out and sent to the vendor. 


  • Complete a Credit Form (available in the ISERP main office in 370 IAB) or request it by emailing
  • Submit form to ISERP AP with a copy of the event flyer/announcement or email invitation.
  • Once ISERP Officer signs the Credit Form, bring one to the vendor (or fax it) and book your reservation or place your order.
  • Upon delivery of the food, submit the invoice to ISERP AP.


Name and Address

Telephone Number

Type of Vendor


Account # / Name

Apple Tree Market*
1225 Amsterdam Ave, NY, NY,10027

(212) 865-8840

Deli, Supermarket

Fresh Bread, Quick Snacks & Sandwiches


Morton Williams*
2941 Broadway,MY,NY,10027

(212) 666-4190


Sandwiches, Hot Meals, Salads & Sushi

Acct# 6396, ISERP

Westside Market*
2840 Broadway,NY,NY,10025

(212) 222-3367

Supermarket, Catering, deli


Acct# 2128541414

Amir’s Falafel,
2911 Broadway, NY,NY,10025

(212) 749-7500

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Falafei, Chicken Shawarma & Sandwiches


Café du Soleil*
2723 Broadway,NY,NY,10025

(212) 316-5000

French Restaurant, A Classic Old Time Bistro

Comfort food- Soupe a l'Oignon, Coq au Vin, Moules Marinieres, Steak Frites, Garlic Fries & Brunch


 2450 Broadway,NY,NY,10024

(212) 362-2220

Italian Restaurant

Family Style Meals-Pizza, Meatballs, Pasta, Famous NY Heros w side of Ceasar/Mixed Green Salad


Dig Inn*
2884 Broadway,NY,NY,10025

(212) 776-4047

NYC Based Cafeteria Chain

Sandwiches & Salads


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que*
700 W125th st, NY,NY,10027

(212) 694-1777

Barbecue Chain

Soul food, Southern Style Meats, Burgers & Creole-Spiced Deviled Eggs & Draft Brews


Famous Famiglia*
2859 Broadway,NY,NY,10025

(212) 865-1234

Italian Restaurant

Pizza, Pasta & Pink Berry Froyo(Frozen Yogurt)


Hamilton Deli*
1129 Amsterdam Aave, NY,NY,10025

(212) 749-8924


Sandwiches, Burgers & Macro Meals for Vegans


International Wines & Spirits*
2903 Broadway,NY,NY,10025

(212) 280-1850

Liquor store

Wine & Liquor

Acct# 3007922

Strokos Gourmet Deli*
1090 Amsterdam Ave, NY, NY, 10025

(212) 666-2121


Sandwiches, Salads & Pizza


Le Monde*
2885 Broadway,NY,MY,10025

(212) 531-3939

French Resturant/Upscale Dine-In

Tomato Gazpacho w Crab & Crispy Salmon, Eggs A la Cocotte w Chicken Livers

Acct# 26026

 125 LaSalle St,NY,NY,10027

(212) 932-3500

Italian Restaurant/Dine In

Goat Cheese Stuffed figs w Mango,Greens & Honey Mustard Dressing,Hearty Meatballs


Milano Market*
2892 Broadway,NY,NY,10025


Gourmet Grocery Store

Hot Meals, Salads, Heros, Cheeses, Pasta

Account #: 092




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