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Receipts and Reimbursements

We require all employees and students to submit a completed Travel Business Expense Report (TBER) form, along with the original receipts (in person) or a clear scan, to

Requests for reimbursement shall include the following information:

  1.  A specific and clear business purpose of your trip and the expenses incurred 
  2. For airline, train, and bus transporation, the following:
    1. The location, date, and time of departure
    2. The location, date, and time of return (if round-trip)
    3. Travel class (coach, economy, business, 2nd, 1st, etc)
    4. Proof of payment
  3. For hotel accomodations, the following:
    1. Itemized receipt
    2. Proof of payment
  4. For Meals, the following:
    1. Itemized receipt
    2. Proof of payment

Employees and students must sign their travel expense report form, attesting the information presented on the form is accurate and complete. 

All requests for reimbursement including travel advance reconciliations should be submitted to us within 20 days business days of the completion of the trip and no later than 120 days after the date of the completion.  Travel and Business Expense Reports must include supporting documentation and a specific and clear business reasons. You must submit all original receipts to your department for expenses.

Submit your signed & clearly scanned receipt by emailing us here


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