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Conferences We've Funded

ISERP's most recent connference awards are:

PI Department Title Award
Douglas Almond SIPA and Economics Second Columbia Conference on Environmental Economics and Policy $24,870.22
Matthew Connelly History The History of the Covid-19 Pandemic Archives and Agendas for Future Researchers $15,000
W. Bentley MacLeod SIPA and Economics American Law and Economics Association Conference $10,000
Sharyn O'Halloran SIPA and Political Science A Research Agenda for Trade Policy $23,600
Gil Eyal Sociology Expertise and Democratic Politics $32,500
Manan Ahmed History Worlds at Waste: Air, Water, Land, and the Public in Asia and Africa $20,000
Amy Chazkel History Bombay and Indian Ocean Urbanisms $11,000
Yao Lu Sociology Advances in Inequality Research: New Data Sources and Emerging Methods  
Gregory Mann History New Political Economies of the French Empire 19th-20th centuries $10,600
Bruce Western Sociology Reimagining Mass Supervision $18,000
Justin Phillips Political Science Identity Politics Research Group (IPRG) Meeting $18,000
Jennifer Lee Sociology The Threat of Diversity $12,000
Pamela Smith History The Making and Knowing Project Co-Writing Workshop for a Digital Critical Edition $8,000
John Marshall Political Science Northeast Workshop in Empirical Political Science (NEWEPS) $6160
Marwa Elshakry History Global 1919: Remaking Worlds $12,000
Michael Best Economics Development Nano-conference $3,300
Michael Ting Political Science & SIPA Political Economy Conference at Columbia $8,000
Mark Dean Economics Curiosity and Complexity $8,000
David Scott Antrhopology On the Posibility and Impossibility of Reparation $8,000
Naor Ben-Yehoyada Anthropology Ecologies of Remembrance: The Material Afterlives of Unidentified Death along the Central Mediterranean Migration Route $8,000
Douglas Almond SIPA & Economics Inaugural Columbia Conference on Environmental Economics and Policy $15,000
Charles Armstrong History Eurasia and China’s Belt & Road Initiative: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and their Implications for the Rules-based International Order $10,000
Brian Boyd Anthropology The Transmission of Songs in Birds, Humans, and Other Animals $15,000
Matthew Jones History Finding the Way to Truth: Conference on the Sources, History, and Impact of the Meditative Tradition $8,000
Tamar Mitts SIPA Data Science and Political Violence $14,000
Suresh Naidu SIPA & Economics Capitalism, Comflict, and Cooperation $10,000
Elizabeth Povinelli Anthropology Global Language Justice: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Long-Term Planetary Impact of the Life and Death of Languages $10,000
Samuel Roberts History No Health = No Justice $5,000
Thomas DiPrete Sociology Punishing Trauma: A Conference on the Collateral Consequences of Incarceration  


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