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Recent Award

Workshop: Translation and Encoding for the Making and Knowing Project

This award is to support a workshop in Toulouse, France, in late June 2017. It is to be held in conjunction with ongoing research at the Center for Science and Society at Columbia University, the Making and Knowing Project. The workshop is the fourth in a series of interdisciplinary transcription, translation, and encoding workshops. The previous three facilitated an accurate encoded transcription of a French historical text, Manuscript Fr. 640. At the conclusion of the last workshop, an optimized translation protocol for collaborative editing was developed, informed by experimental reconstruction evidence and research. The fourth workshop will reconvene international experts, project team members, and returning doctoral students to implement this protocol and complete the digital markup/encoding and the accurate and consistent translation of the manuscript as well as accompanying resources. Outcomes of this workshop will form the final dataset to be hosted by Columbia Libraries as an open-access digital critical edition that is to be launched in 2019. The resulting open-access edition will make the manuscript widely accessible to diverse audiences; the edition will serve as a valuable, widely-available research and pedagogical resource.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to Wednesday, February 28, 2018




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