Reproduction of Possibility: April 27-29 and May 4-6

April 27, 2023 to April 29, 2023
April 27: 5:15pm-8pm April 28: 10:30am-5pm April 29: 11am-6pm May 4 - 6: TBD

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By way of Black Critical Thought,this colloquium excavates the moves, attachments, and structures of desire that stabilize critical lexicons around (re)production and regimes of valorization, as well as their implications at the level of political and libidinal economy.

Questions we seek to engage include: what logics and attachments are being reproduced in the name of the (re)production? How do “possibility” and its reproduction operate as political and methodological imperatives within  Black Studies?  What modes of analysis are available once we divest from the logic of “the possible” and its future-oriented affirmationism? What is obscured by the fixation on possibility, otherwise potentialities, generativity, renewal, et cetera? With these questions in mind, we aim to interrogate the limitations of reproduction as an explanatory mechanism in the context of antiblack worlding.

This colloquium brings together scholars across disciplines, of various ages and stages, to present works-finished and works-in-progress, and to revisit key texts critical to the questions posed above.

April 26-29 hybrid, May 4-6 remote. Please see program here

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