NSF Extensions

NSF No Cost Extension: Sample Justification Text

The remaining funds will be used to continue research by the PI and his students on categorification and link homology. In particular, the PI will continue the project he's working on himself and with his former student XXX to categorify quantum groups and their representations at roots of unity and apply these structures to categorification of XXXXXX manifold invariants. The PI will continue joint project with XXX and his former student XXX on odd categorification of quantum groups and their representations.

Unobligated funds will be used to (a) fund travel of the PI and his graduate students to conferences, workshops, and to visit current and potential collaborators. (b) Book and supplies purchases. (c) Partially fund the PI's summer salary in 2014. (d) Partially fund summer research of the PI's graduate students. (e) Partially cover trips to Columbia of seminar speakers and mathematicians working on topics related to the PI's research.

NSF No Cost Extensions in Research.gov

Login to the Research.gov website 

You will need to know your NSF ID and password. If you have misplaced or forgotten this information, contact an NSF account manager in SPA at SPA-ebiz@columbia.edu.

After logging in, you will need to click on "Notifications & Requests", as displayed below

Then click "prepare new", as displayed below

On the next screen, select "No-Cost Extensions", hit "go", enter the award number and then select "prepare new". If you are unsure of what your award number is, email iserp-funding@columbia.edu.

On the next screen, select the revised end date, enter the justification for the No-Cost Extension, and then hit "Save & Forward to SPO". 


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