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Quarterly Review of Reports

Federal and Columbia University regulation has long identified the PI as having primary financial and oversight responsibility for the management of sponsored research awards. The PI's review of awards must now be documented on a quarterly basis. Once you have reviewed your quarterly report, you will need respond to the email stating "I approve" if you agree with the following statement:

"For the accounting period noted below, I have reviewed the appropriateness of the expenditures associated with the project(s) in which I am listed as PI and to the best of my own knowledge, believe at this time that expenditures are necessary, reasonable, and allocable to the project. If specific expenditures require further investigation by my administrator, I have indicated these in writing below, or have communicated through alternative means such as a meeting with ISERP staff or via email."

For more details on Uniform Guidance and the quarterly review process, please visit the following link:


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