The Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy is now open.  Our office hours are from: 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Please refer to the COVID-19 Resource Guide for all matters related to the return to campus.  All visitors and vendors must fill out the Columbia University Health Screening Form.  We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Reserve the ISERP conference room

In 2016, we renovated our conference room with brand new A/V equipment. Our room includes a podium with built-in computer, connecting to a 65" TV. Also available is a wall-mounted camera and embedded speakers and microphones in the ceiling for video conferencing. As with other university e-rooms, you have the option to plug in your laptop to display on the TV.

Please log into FASTrooms room scheduling system to reserve ISERP room 270B. It is reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. ISERP affiliates can use the room at no extra cost. Other groups may reserve the room for a fee. As of 2016 the fee is $400 for the full day, and $200 for a half day (half day minimum). 

From FASTrooms, choose "ISERP" and then click the "Plus" icon for the day you want to reserve under the room 270B row. 





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