Sponsored Events Guidelines

The Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy is pleased to support co-sponsored events under the following guidelines:  

  1. ISERP staff will work in conjunction with a designated Coordinator from the hosting department, however, ISERP staff will not work in lieu of a full-time/part-time Coordinator.

  2. ISERP can provide onsite support, within reason, and provided it does not conflict with another ISERP planned event, or planned staff absences.  Support maybe provided by Work Study students.

  3. Should the demand of an event exceed ISERP’s capacity to provide support we reserve the right to decline supporting the event.

  4. ISERP must be given adequate notice to provide onsite support for events –

    1. For large-scale events of 100 people or more, 6 months advance notice is required.

    2. For mid-sized events of 50 – 100, 3 months advance notice is required.

    3. For small events of less than 50, 1 month advance notice is required.

  5. ISERP uses Columbia Preferred vendors for event logistics:

    1. Any vendor must be local to the Morningside Heights/Harlem/Upper West Side neighborhood and be on the following list:

i.Columbia Preferred Food Vendor List

ii.Columbia Preferred Hotel List

iii.Columbia Preferred Travel Agencies

  1. ISERP can assist with advising departments/setting up vendors at Columbia University.

  2. Reservations, bookings, catering, and associated reimbursements should be managed by the hosting department’s Coordinator(s). ISERP will evaluate sharing these responsibilities case by case.

  1. ISERP can advertise events through social media, newsletters, and on-campus flyering.

    1. Advertisements should be designed by the hosting department and should contain the ISERP logo (high resolution logos will be provided upon request).

    2. ISERP can recommend a graphic designer for posters and media.

    3. Departments will be responsible for creating and managing their event website and on line registrations.  ISERP can provide advising on this process.

  2. Room reservations are the responsibility of the hosting department. ISERP staff can provide guidance as needed. 



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